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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings Buying Guides

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings Buying Guides

For any couples loving with anything about vintage, cushion cut engagement rings might be the perfect choice. This ring is a combination between traditional and modern cut making such stunning impression. With the endless options of cushion cut diamonds make your ring shopping a bit daunting. So, once you and your lovely spouse want-to-be decide to buy this gem, here are some points to consider in your purchasing.

Several Things to Consider in Choosing Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

Think about the 4C is the very first step to do in buying cushion cut engagement rings. The quality of the ring will be based on the color, clarity, cut, and also carat. For the color, it can be said that the more colorless a diamond, then the better quality it serves. For the clarity, the cushion cut engagement rings can be grouped into several types of clarity including FL and IF for flawless, VVS1 for very-very slightly and VSI for showing few imperfections.

If you have chosen a large diamond, then a solitaire setting will be the perfect option. On contrast, you can choose Pave halo setting to make your small diamond looks even bigger and appealing. So, just go and shop the best cushion cut engagement rings for your future sweetheart.

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