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Do and Don’ts: A Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas With Dogs

Do and Don’ts: A Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas With Dogs

Small backyard landscaping ideas with dogs is one that should be considered by the dog owner. With a small yard, the dog owner would want to keep pampering her dog. Before designing a suitable landscpaing ideas, note that your dog is assured safety with a variety of amenities he needs and he liked. Here are some tips for all dog-owner out there with small backyards.

1. Make Sure There Is A Water Flowing

Make sure you provide the fresh water that is easily accessible to your dog. For example, make a fountain or a stream. Your dog needs to cool off in a very hot days. With the sound of splashing water, you as a dog owner will definitely enjoy it as well.

You can also add a pond or pool, especially for some types of dogs who like to swim. However, make sure the safety of your dog. Create a pool with appropriate depth. So that if your dog plunged into it, he still can get out easily. This is considered a matter that must be considered in creating small backyards landscaping ideas with dogs.

2. Prioritizing Your Dog Safety

Although dogs differ from wolves, they both like freedom. For you the dog owner, it is better to fence off the area of your home, especially in the backyard which has a wide area. Make sure your dog free and happy while playing. Of course, with safety guaranteed. Note also the type of fence you choose. Do not let the fence you choose even make your dog stuck in the middle of the fence when they were playing.

3. Provide a Shelter

You can prepare the doghouse. It is built to protect your dog from sunburn and heat. Try to build the doghouse under a shady tree. Note also the shape of its doghouse, still prioritize the comfort of your dog.

4. Make Sure Your Environment Free of Toxins

Look at your backyard, if there are some plants that turn dangerous if your dog ate it. For example, the azaleas, lilies and mums are dangerous for your dog. Consult with your veterinarian to determine what plants should be avoided out of reach of your dog. do not let the plants around your home turns dangerous for your pet. Also make sure your environment clean and avoid some dangerous animals such as rats or snakes get into your environment. These animals can bite your dog and make it exposed to toxins.

5. Provide Playground

Make sure your pet is happy and playful. Provide some space for a place to play. Dogs may also experience stress when restrained kept in cages and do not have enough entertainment. Make sure you can play the run and chase in your back yard.

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