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Jade Jewelry: How to Tell If It Is Real?

Jade Jewelry: How to Tell If It Is Real?

Both souvenir hunters and amateur do think that jade jewelry is something precious. Wear this gemstone will not only add the look but also draw any attentions. Knowing those aims, many people are interested to invest this green stone as one of their priceless properties. If you are in planning of buying jade, be aware with any jade imitations that are flooded in marketplace at now. Here are some easy tips to differentiate whether the jade jewelry is real or just fake.

Simple Ways for Checking the Jade Jewelry

Touching and feeling are the first two ways to know the quality of the jade. This beautiful stone is made from special material making it comes with so cool temperature. So, when you are about buying, just take a piece of the jade, warm it with your fingers, and put it down. After 30 seconds left, do check the warm jade jewelry, once you touch its cools, then it must be the genuine one. Having done with this, perhaps you want to check the surface.

A real jewelry made from jade stone comes with super hard surface that cannot be scratched easily. If you buy jade but are still doubt with the quality, make any scratches by rubbing it with something hard. Once you find that the jewelry brings scratch, then the jade that you get is just imitation. Use those above tips will save you in buying the fake jade jewelry.

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