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Larimar Jewelry: More than Just Fashion

Larimar Jewelry: More than Just Fashion

Have you ever heard about Larimar jewelry? Larimar stone also called as ‘Stefilia stone’ belongs to pectolite blue variety that can be found only in Caribbean. Besides having unique coloration, many stone hunters are in love with its ability in healing. So, for anyone thinking about wearing jewel with its incredible functions, they need to add this blue stone in their stone shopping list.

Secret Benefits of Larimar Jewelry

Larimar has beautiful coloration that is used for delivering such positive mood. It is a kind of pectolite that varies from light blue, deep blue, green blue, and also white. That said Larimar jewelry comes with mostly blue color reflecting deep feelings about tranquility. This color also correlates so well with water or sea element that represents such peace and also calm. Those, it is not surprising that by wearing this stone, we are able to control and have a more quiet emotion.

Besides healing the inside, Larimar jewelry is also well-known for its ability to heal the outside. This stone can be used for increasing communications skill and also healing such thyroid gland malfunctions. The power of the stone will be expressed once you wear it in form of bracelets or rings or just keep it closed to the skin either in purse or in pocket. So, looking for stone that serve multi function? It must be Larimar jewelry.

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