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Modern Bathroom Vanities for Small Bathrooms Ideas

Modern Bathroom Vanities for Small Bathrooms Ideas

Modern bathroom vanities for small bathrooms are one of the most important fixtures in the bathroom. Your bathroom will be fully functional in the presence of this furniture. In addition, the dressing table you have to meet your personal needs and preferences. Here are some things you should consider when you plan to replace your dressing table.

How big or small dresser that you want to have can be answered by measuring how big your bathroom. A small bathroom will give you unlimited space. This is the reason why you will be asked to put a small dressing table. You certainly do not want your dressing table taking up all the space available.

The plumbing is an important feature that you should look. You may need the services of a professional plumber if you have to change certain things in the pipeline. When your old set is smaller or higher than you have now, there may be a need to adjust the settings of the pipe. The same needs to be present if you are upgrading from a single sink into a double sink. Here are some ideas for modern bathroom vanities for small bathrooms.

1. Floating Vanity

A float-themed-vanity is become a new ideas. This model is suitable for those who have a small bathroom. By creating the illusion of floating vanity unit and attached to the wall, you’ll see more tiles. This illusion will make your bathroom look spacious and clean. Two drawers with a capacity large enough under the basin can be a place to store your towels and toiletries.

2. Corner Sink

Another tip for vanity placement in your small bathroom is by placing the vanity in the corner. It is a great space saver. You also can still save the bathroom fixtures or cosmetics you to put a large drawer under the sink. Vanity with this type will simplify you who have the bathroom door opening inwards.

3. Mirrors

You can put a small vanity with a simple style next to the bathtub. Choose a vanity made from wood with its natural motifs. The closet underneath lets you keep some toiletries. Place a mirror with a large size above the vanity. Its illusion is an old trick to make the room look bigger. It is suitable for your small bathroom.

4. Small Spa Retreat

You can bring your favorite spa salon atmosphere in your own bathroom. Pair the marble tile with multiple mirrored surfaces around the room. To get around the need for vanity in the small bathroom, you can choose a cabinet whose height is equal to the height of your room. Visual trick can make your bathroom into wider and larger. Choose a dark brown colored cabinet to add warmth and comfort to your small spa.

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