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Room Dividers IKEA Furniture Lines

Room Dividers IKEA Furniture Lines

There are many manufacturers that provide room divider and one of them is the room dividers IKEA. IKEA has at least 3 lines of furniture that produces room dividers. He room divider can work to divide one big room to have more than just one function for example, when you have one space that you can use as a living room and a dining room, the room divider will come in handy in dividing those two spaces apart.

Lines of Room Dividers IKEA

IKEA has at least three suppliers that have room dividers on their furniture line. Ekne, Risӧr and Jordet have been the most searched furniture line in IKEA. Three of them have different taste of design which will fulfill any demand of room dividers IKEA costumers. Ekne for example, has a simple classical look with it iron framed divider. The frame then will spread a white fabric that is detachable and washable. The curved clean style of the iron fame makes this divider will not only divide your rooms but also give the sense of style.

Risӧr and Jordet have a more contemporary design with the bold squared edge with art statement on the panel of the room dividers IKEA. Most of the room dividers have foldable panels that consist of at least two or three panels. This makes the dividers easy to store and can be adjusted by who long do you want the dividers be. With affordable price and the stylish choices, you can take a look on the lines of the room dividers IKEA.

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